2021 Jackson Big Rig HD

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One of Jackson Kayak’s most popular fishing kayaks, and now it comes with the upgrades of both its HD predecessors. The Coosa HD and Cuda HD. Most importantly, the Big Rig HD can be converted into the Big Rig FD with the purchase of a Pedal Pod system.

Everything on this boat is big. However, the 2021 latches have been updated to be larger and easier. Jackson's easy-open latches allow access to the vast storage inside the hull, and the updated hatch seals keep water out. The bow features a hatch bin to keep items stowed away but prevent them from sliding out of reach and also features an electronics pass-through on the bow beside the Flex Drive. This eliminates the hardest part of running wires from inside the hull to the fish finder - drilling holes in your kayak!

Rod management is key! Dual rod tubes on both sides of the kayak and oversized rod troughs work in concert with the thermoformed rod-staging risers located beside the seat to keep everything tangle-free and protected.

Most unique to the Big Rig HD/FD is the ability to convert from a pedal-driven kayak to a paddle-driven kayak. Simply remove eight bolts, drop in the alternate pod and enjoy the best of both paddling and pedaling worlds. HD configuration features foot-controlled rudder steering and an oversized central storage pod, while the FD uses handles located on both sides of the angler to control the rudder. 


  • MOLLE Seatback Pouch
  • MOLLE Under-seat Panel
  • Bow Hatch Storage Bin
  • 1x YakAttack Omega Rod Holder
  • Long Load Flag
  • 5" JK Sticker

The four-hole bolt inserts on the stern of the kayak accept many accessories that feature that pattern, including PowerPole and Torqeedo trolling motors.

2021 Big Rig HD SPECS