BlueSky Boatworks 360 Angler

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BlueSky Boatwork

About the 360° Angler
For those who want a boat specifically designed for fishing, the 360°Angler sits comfortably between the bass boat and the kayak without compromising space, comfort, accessories, storage, stealth and the ability to get to those skinny/shallow waters the big boats can't. The Angler has gear tracks for rod mounts, comes with rod holders, has hull storage for rods and tackle boxes and much more.

The Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler is the next progression in pedal drive fishing craft. Part kayak, part catamaran, this unique package offers the stability of a big boat in the compact size of a kayak. The pontoon hull design allows for extreme stability without sacrificing speed or tracking. As soon as you step on to the 360 Angler you will immediately appreciate the stability and you'll be amazed at how quickly you get the craft up to speed and keep it there with very little effort. Walk right onto the deck; move about with complete confidence; appreciate the freedom of movement and the wide open area to bring along all your gear, your dog or even one of the little kiddos. The swivel seat offers superior comfort and adjustability, while the surrounding gear tracks, rod holders, and storage areas allow you to bring all the gear you could ever want. Personalize your fishing experience with unlimited flexibility in where you store your tackle and equipment. With ever fishing style comes the need to customize your watercraft and the Blue Sky 360 Angler allows you the power to do so!

The 360 Angler is built around the patent-pending Flex Drive prop-driven pedal system, which allows for hands-free forward and reverse propulsion for kayaks. The Flex Drive consists of a daggerboard-protected tri-prop propeller which, combined with unique articulation of the prop system, gives the Flex Drive increased performance over other drives and helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. The drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch prop blades and a 12:1 ratio. Bluesky / Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System can quickly adapt from deep to shallow water navigation without having to move the main pedal drive unit.

  • The Flex Drive with 12:1 crank ratio translates into more performance with less exertion.
  • Sleek, piercing outriggers provide less drag than traditional monohulls while providing tons of stability.
  • Endless customization possibilities. Tons of integrated accessory mounts and gear storage. Integrates will all popular fishing accessories.
  • 360° swivel seat has 7+” of travel fore and aft and 6+” of height adjustment. The chair is built for comfort with a breathable and soft seating design allowing for customized comfort for both sitting and pedaling.
  • Trailer it, drop it into the back of a pick-up, or car-top it — it disassembles in minutes for transport. No one piece weighs more than 30 lbs making it a one-person job.
  • Easily convert from Flex Drive pedal to Flex Drive electric. (Coming late 2018)



Length 13'2

Width 48 IN

Draft 5in (14in w/ drive extended)

Weight 140 Lbs

Capacity 400Lbs

CONSTRUCTION: Rotomolded Polyethylene, anodized marine grade aluminum