Hobie Multi-Lube 4OZ - Elevation Sports

Hobie Multi-Lube 4OZ

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A planet-safe lube recommended for maintaining your MirageDrive. Hobie Multi-Lube offers excellent lubrication with an anti corrosive coating, great for cleaning and use on nearly anything that squeaks, rusts, corrodes or binds up. (For Example: MirageDrives, rudder drums, cams, fishing reels and more.) Environmentally friendly for in-water applications and will not pollute our waterways. The "must-have" tool for every Hobie owner!
  • Spray applicator for coating chains and larger surfaces, shafts and bulky parts.
  • Use it for all shop, home and sport lubrication needs.
  • Keeps your Mirage drive smoothly operating
  • Mineral base is environmentally friendly
  • 4oz spray bottle