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The Nordica Sentra 2 Is a fun, intermediate oriented ski that loves to cruise groomers. The Sentra 2 has become a favorite among less aggressive skiers of a range of abilities. Beginners through advanced intermediates can all enjoy the ski’s performance. The 75 mm waist width is definitely best suited for use on groomed terrain, as that is where it excels. In off-piste terrain and deeper snow the ski can get bogged down a little bit, so if you’re an adventurous skier that likes to seek powder, you may want a wider ski. On trail, however, it provides a responsive, energetic feel thanks to Nordica’s Energy Frame Ca Wood Core construction. The wood core provides a nice stable, confidence inspiring feel, while the Energy Frame builds in some extra energy and responsiveness. It has a nice snappy feel without being overpowering and loves to link short to medium radius turns on moderately slopes pitches. It may lack the edge grip for aggressive skiing on steep slopes, but is a dream on green circles, blue squares, and even some more moderate black diamonds.


DIN setting: 3-10 ML
ski construction: ENERGY FRAME CA WOOD