Boonedox T-bone Bed Extender Curved

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The Boonedox T-Bone

adds 4 feet of extension to the back of your truck and provides a stable point to secure your load.

  • Crossbar width: 60" 
  • Color options: Orange or Lime 
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum (won't rust) 
  • Extends to add 48" to the end of your truck bed
  • Adjusts 13.25" to 19" from the top of the receiver
  • Curved design prevents damage to your kayaks and canoes
  • Lightweight: 16 lbs.  
  • 300-pound capacity

Instantly adds 4' to your truck bed. Fits a standard 2" receiver. The radial curve for ground clearance. Height adjustment for any truck (9.5"). Tested safely to 300 lbs. Made in North Carolina... and always will be.

Boonedox T-bone Bed Extender Curved

The Boonedox T-Bone Bed Extender is an adjustable truck bed extender made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The curved design allows the consumer to traverse uneven ground without the worry of dragging and damaging their products. Boonedox crafts each T-Bone Bed Extender with aircraft aluminum, which makes it lightweight yet strong and 100% rust-free. The Boonedox T-Bone Bed Extender adjusts to accommodate all stock truck bed heights and is wide enough to support up to 2 kayaks or canoes comfortably.

Size/Color Part Number

  • Lime BDX-TBTL
  • Orange BDX-TBTO

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